KNX USB Interface

KNX / USB 1.1 or 2 interfaces for direct connection to your computer.


KNX Power supply 160mA - 320mA - 640mA

Power supply for generating the bus voltage on a line with a max. current of 160mA, 320mA or 640 mA depending on the model. With integrated throttle to decouple the power supply from the bus.
Connection via screw terminals. 


KNX Line coupler

The KNX bus line coupler can be used as a line coupler to connect a line to a main line or as background coupler to connect a main line to a branch line. The KNX line coupler supports long messages (up to 250 bytes) and provides configurable activation of a special function via a button on the front, which is very useful during the installation & commissioning phase or during adjustment.

DOWNLOAD Data sheet - Satelco Article number 10291