eelecta KNX HomePad & MiniPad

HomePad & MiniPad KNX CH4 / CH8
More design
- More colours and personalized graphics
- Clear and easy function signalling through icons and
- Can be installed on 2 or 3 module boxes

electa® push-button range of KNX devices is divided in 4 different models based on the number of switch, input and
temperature sensors provided with the device.

Product has 4 (8) push-buttons which can be configured to manage lights, dimmers, shutters, etc.; and 4 inputs (where present) on the backside to interface free potential contacts (for example sensors, traditional buttons, etc.) It has 5 white LEDs in the front side, each LED freely configurable by ETS. The pressure of pads can be long or short and can command sequences. 3 versions have a temperature sensor included which can be configured as a room thermostat.

Application examples:
Private homes
- Buildings
- Hospitality

Your own style:
It is possible to personalize your HomePad with your style using photos, graphics or icons at your choice.

Color range:

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