BES KNX Motion Detector Radio

The BES KNX radio motion detector SRKNX is a concealed motion detector for installation above false ceilings or technical ceilings, also possible in masonry walls or plasterboard walls.
This device is designed to replace the passive 360º ceiling detectors and outperforms them.
It is based on radio frequency technology, which allows it to penetrate any type of surface, with the exception of metal surfaces.
Its concealed installation guarantees security against unwanted intrusion or vandalism.
It also combines aesthetics and automation in a single unit.
Thus, it enables broad and simple parameterisation and is suitable for lighting functions, but also person detection and intrusion control.

Ingenium BES KNX motion detector radio
- Easy to install, adds elegance to the lighting design
- Automatic reset after detection
-Adjustable timer from pulse up to 17 min.
- Adjustable sensitivity up to 12 m

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Satelco Artikelnummer 10394