Call Support - Music & Information on Hold

"Send a musical reception committee to you callers – to welcome them and arouse their interest and enthusiasm through infotainment"

Music & Information on Hold solutions – the attractive VIP lounge for your callers

Our communication solutions enable flexible provision of music and information via the telephone system. In this way you can make good use of the time a caller has to wait before being redirected to achieve your marketing and PR goals. Music on the phone not only increases awareness of the products and services you have to offer but can also significantly strengthen you corporate identity, providing your company with an impressive "acoustic business card" to fill in the time and significantly increase the time a caller is prepared to wait.

"Carry your caller over the threshold of the telephone entrance door and offer more connectivity through your telephone number"

SATELCO Auto Attendant solutions - Professional call management via your switchboard

Our Auto Attendant solutions convey just the right positive impression of your company to your calling customers and business partners. Professional announcements are clear and reassure the callers that they have reached the right place – essential for ensuring they don’t hang up early or you lose customers. The possibility of transferring calls oneself at the press of a button ensures that more potential customers gain access to your company, at the same time as reducing the workload on your telephone operator.

"Announcement services are more than information"

Routine announcements made easy

An automatic announcement service is often a convenient way of freeing your staff from monotonous announcements and providing a round-the-clock service. Conventional technology can only offer unsatisfactory solutions: answering machines can only speak short texts and are inevitably subject to wear.

MOH Professional 40
MOH Professional 40
MOH Professional 40
MOH Professional 40