Automatically save money and energy: Building automation makes this possible

You can save energy and thus money in a building in many different ways. An energy-efficiently built house, for example, reduces energy consumption all by itself, because good insulation means that less heating and cooling is needed. You can also make sure that you only use energy-efficient appliances, do not heat unnecessarily when ventilating or only switch on the light in a room for as long as you really need it. Saving money and energy is particularly easy with building automation, because many of these energy-saving tasks are performed automatically. This is made possible, for example, by the Sallegra premium line, with which you can control not only lighting and shading, but also heating and air conditioning automatically. Once set up, the system controls everything by itself and you save money and energy.

How does energy saving with building automation work?

Saving energy becomes a matter of course with building automation: instead of flicking all the switches by hand and deciding on settings for the indoor climate personally, our sophisticated system of sensors and devices takes over these tasks for you. This system is called Sallegra and is an all-in-one solution for your smart home. A simple example of the system would be a motion detector that only switches on the light in hallways or outdoors when motion is detected. This means that energy is only used for lighting when someone actually passes through the room. But our modern building automation can do much more than just control the light via motion detectors.  Sallegra can control the heating system fully automatically so that the optimum temperature always prevails in every room. The control reacts flexibly to factors such as the current weather conditions or the state of windows, doors and blinds. It automatically decides, for example, not to heat when the window is open or the sun is shining strongly, in order to save energy. Our systems can also be programmed for the entire house from a central location so that heating is not unnecessary in the absence of all residents or employees. Sallegra can be conveniently operated and monitored via smartphone, e.g. to slowly heat or cool rooms to the desired temperature while on the move.

A well-designed building automation system decides on the basis of the current environmental conditions and sensor measurements from the surroundings how the building technology must be regulated for an optimal result. In doing so, it is possible for the automated system to permanently adjust its decisions to react to changing conditions. If a person had to react so flexibly to the environment and surroundings, he or she would be busy practically all day monitoring measured values and adjusting the building technology accordingly. In practice, this would probably mean that most adjustments would not take place, or only rarely, because you have more important tasks to do in everyday life. The simplest solution to this problem is our Sallegra system. With it, you no longer have to worry about heating, air conditioning or lighting, and you also save money and energy.

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