Motion detector: An important element in your security concept

Reports in the media impressively demonstrate the criminal energy of burglars who - tactically well positioned - rob real estate professionally. A good protection for your private or commercial property is important. This is especially true if you are frequently absent, but appreciate complete control over your property.

A powerful element for convincing security in the context of building automation are motion detectors that reliably pass on unauthorized access to an object. Satelco is a specialist for video surveillance and motion detectors. This compact overview provides you with the most important information. If you have any questions, Satelco's team of experts is of course always available to answer them personally.

How does a motion detector work?

For motion detector with alarm the name is program. Using sensitive sensors, a motion detector registers unusual activities inside and outside - depending on the intended use - and immediately warns the owner or the person responsible for the respective property. In the course of Smart Living, the warning can also be issued on a smartphone, which most people usually have available at all times during an absence. Therefore, motion detectors and cell phones are a good combination for those who appreciate being able to check continuously whether everything is really all right.

Motion detector: What types are there?

In order for security technology to provide optimum benefits, it must be selected, configured and installed according to requirements. So what types are there and what is right for my property? First of all, it is an important distinction whether a motion detector should be installed outside or inside. For example, an outdoor motion sensor is ideal for the courtyard or vehicle fleet, the driveway or the entrance area. An indoor motion detector can be installed in all rooms. In the study or hobby room, in the living room or winter garden - here you protect your values, which are located in the property, tailor-made and therefore always a perfect fit.

Two further differentiation possibilities for motion detectors are important for your decision: There are so-called flush-mounted motion detectors and those that can be set up flexibly. Flush-mounted motion detectors are optimal if the alarm function is stationary and should be installed permanently and discretely. The other models are suitable if the installation is to be individually adapted again and again.

The other categorization describes how the alarm is triggered. High-frequency technology, camera technology, ultrasound technology and infrared in a motion detector are distinguished when it comes to the detection of relevant changes in an object. Especially the infrared motion detector has proven itself in this context, because it works reliably, is easy to install and maintain and is comparatively inexpensive to purchase.

It is always important: Choose motion detectors and alarm dialers that fit exactly and best after expert advice!

What notification options are available?

A motion detector can be combined within a classic alarm system. This means that consistent alarming of control centers is also possible. However, it is also possible to choose the option that the motion detector causes a cell phone alarm. The cell phone motion detector works by forwarding registered cases to the smartphone. Here you as a user can usually define several numbers. A SIM card is used for this. You can choose between the classic contract and the prepaid version.

How can a motion detector be used in building automation?

For electrical installation and building automation, for example in single-family homes, there are several options from which to choose according to requirements. Motion detectors are not always used outside or inside for burglary warnings. For example, the level of comfort is particularly high when motion detectors are used for lighting in laundry rooms and utility rooms, storerooms and storage rooms, hobby and party rooms, play and fitness rooms, saunas, corridors and garages. They are advantageous, for example, when things are transported with both hands and the light is automatically switched on by the motion detector. In addition, installations in this way also ensure that electricity can be saved: If the motion detector fails to report after a period of time, the light is automatically switched off for greater energy efficiency, cost savings and protection of our environment's resources.

Alarm activation for unauthorized access

A motion detector with alarm, which is designed as an infrared motion detector for example, is an important element in modern burglary protection - regardless of whether it is used in commercial or private properties. Any unusual movement activity in the respective rooms or areas is recorded without interruption. But that is not all. The alarm is forwarded immediately. In this context, a welcome advantage can be integrated into a security concept based on motion detectors: The products also allow so-called silent alarming of the owners or, if necessary, the police. The alarm is not noticed by the intruders in this way, which often makes it possible for the emergency services to arrest the criminals.

Control with a cell phone

A useful function is also that owners with the cell phone can provide themselves first of all certainty with which the alarm was actually released. So it could well be possible that the child has returned earlier than planned, or similar harmless things. Many motion detectors can even "think along". There are models that do not warn when, for example, the family pet is roaming the rooms.

Integrated motion detector: Advantages in a compact overview

The modern motion detectors with alarm function are particularly convenient when they are integrated into a comprehensive security device. They are easy for you to control and use. This is not only possible from the respective object. Thanks to the professionally and practically developed apps, a motion detector can also be flexibly adjusted with mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Regular updates ensure that everything works smoothly and that no security gaps occur.

The personalizations that are possible with the app that comes with the software are very practical: Family members, employees, visitors etc. can be given access to a property according to their needs, as they can also control the motion detector. Authorized persons can be identified simply by means of a code or the smartphone. Absence functions can then optimally supplement the security concept for your properties. These include not only the regulation of the roller blinds when the sun shines or the individual control of the heating. It is also possible to simulate presence. Examples of this are lighting scenarios or the movement of roller shutters. In addition, protective automatic functions are integrated in case of emergency, which warn in case of burglary, fire or water damage.

Expert advice is the be-all and end-all

For the installation of optimal motion detectors with alarm function many things are important. Specialists can provide you with valuable support. The Satelco team is pleased about your interest in solid security technology and will provide you with competent advice!