Bus systems in building automation

A comprehensive building automation system requires an effective bus system for its functionality, as this ensures smooth communication between all connected devices - the sensors, actuators and the control unit. Its development began in the 1980s with the aim of replacing the parallel wiring for binary signals and their analog transmission, which was common at the time, with digital technologies. With today's spread of network technologies and the arrival of the Internet in buildings, bus systems for building automation can be integrated into modern communication structures and also transmitted via IP networks.

In general, a distinction is made between open and manufacturer-dependent (proprietary) systems. In proprietary systems, only components of a single manufacturer work together, in open systems, different products can communicate with each other. If you, as an investor or builder-owner, do not want to become dependent on a producer, an open system is better. However, with the support of appropriate gateways, a connection between proprietary and open systems has now become possible.

The essential bus systems at Satelco are IP, KNX and EnOcean (radio). In order to offer our customers the greatest possible flexibility, we support almost all known bus systems currently on the market, including DALI, KNX, EnOcean, Modbus, Philips HUE, Lutron, RS 485, RS 232, Somfy URTS, Osram, Ethercat, BACnet, DMX and third-party IP systems. For detailed information about bus systems and their possibilities, please contact the Satelco Service Team.


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