Sallegra® EnOcean IP Gateway Serie 2020

The Sallegra® EnOcean IP gateway is in principle compatible with all common automation systems that support a transparent protocol. Like all Sallegra® devices, the Sallegra® EnOcean gateway has the Sallegra® Discovery protocol and can therefore be integrated and configured in the system by a simple device network scan in the Sallegra® Configurator.         

Product information
Radio transceiver for converting EnOcean telegrams to LAN. Pressure switches (e.g. from PEHA or Omnio), temperature sensors (e.g. from Thermokon), glass break detectors and many more serve as EnOcean sensors. These are sensors that do not require external energy in the form of mains connections or batteries. The energy is generated by pressing a button or via solar elements. The functions of the EnOcean IP gateway cover switching, dimming, temperature settings, shutter and blind operation. In short, everything that EnOcean offers. Sending EnOcean telegrams replaces or supplements
the use of EnOcean buttons, for example.

Areas of application
- Extension without laying cables
- Use in buildings with variable walls
- Individual operation of divisible rooms
- Installation of push-buttons on glass walls
- Use, e.g. in historical buildings that do not allow for
  do not allow for costly new installations

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