Satelco Temperature sensor VT581
This SNMP capable sensor has been specifically developed for accurate measurement of temperature and is compatible to all TCP/IP based Didactum alarm systems.
Thanks to the Autosense function the temperature sensor is automatically detected by the Satelco monitoring system and displayed in the web interface. After you connected to the Satelco network device via web browser, you can name the sensor according to your specifications and define individual limit and threshold alarm values for deviations from the nominal temperature. You define from which critical temperature value the employees in charge shall be alerted by e-mail or SMS (GSM modem required). The currently measured temperature value can also be transmitted via macro function! All events occurred are stored in the Syslog of the Didactum monitoring system. If you use a building or network management system (Nagios, OpenNMS, etc.), you can also send alarms via SNMP trap.

DOWNLOAD Datasheet - Satelco Article number 11106

Satelco combined temperature and airflow sensor
This combined sensor has been specifically developed for measurement of temperature and monitoring of airflow/cooling air and is ONLY suitable for connection to the Satelco airflow and temperature sensor unit. Simply unpack the sensor and plug in the plug in the sensor unit – ready to go.
Monitor the airflow which is necessary for cooling your sensitive IT systems. With this combined Satelco sensor you can monitor the proper functioning of your ventilation units/fans in the technical facilities or server cabinet around-the-clock.

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Satelco Humidity Sensor VT510
This accurate sensor is used for measuring the important environmental factor relative humidity and is compatible with all TCP/IP based Satelco alarm systems. The humidity senor is automatically detected via Autosense function and displayed in the web interface of the Satelco monitoring systems where you can define the limit and alarm levels and get alerted via e-mail, SMS (GSM modem required) or SNMP trap. Optionally, this weatherproof sensor can be set down up to 100 metres.

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Satelco Point Water Detector VT590
The SNMP capable Satelco water sensor detects water and aqueous fluids. In case of average, leakage and condensation water spill, you will be reliably alerted by the Satelco monitoring unit.

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Satelco Water Leak Sensor VT591
This SNMP-enabled water sensor is manufactured specifically for the Satelco Water Leakage Cable. A leak detection cable with individual lengths from 1 to 50 m is connected to the sensor unit. The water sensor is connected to the Satelco IT alarm system via an RJ-12 patch cable. Optionally, the sensor unit can be remotely located up to 100 m away. Thanks to the proven Satelco Autosense function, the sensor unit is automatically displayed in the web interface.
Here you can then define how you would like to be notified in the event
f water leakage/ average. 
The Satelco Water Leakage Cable is specifically designed to reliably
etect water and condensation and is available in lengths from
to 50 metres. The leakage of water / condensate / moisture is detected
along the entire length of this chain. 

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Satelco Vibration Sensor VT540
The vibration sensor has been specifically developed for the Satelco alarm and monitoring system and is used for recording shocks and vibrations. Also so-called jolting and drilling on surfaces is detected by this shock/vibration sensor and immediately transmitted to the Satelco monitoring device. Get alerted in case of an alarm by e-mail or SMS (GSM modem required) by the Satelco alarm system. As the sensor can be
cascaded, individual shock sensors can be connected in series
and thus monitor larger rooms and plants.

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Satelco IR Motion Detector VT570
Sensitive rooms and systems such as technical facilities and server rooms should be monitored around-the-clock. This also applies to important company rooms in distant  branches.
With the motion sensor by Satelco you can detect and log all movements/presences in sensitive rooms reliably. It is compatible with all IP based Satelco monitoring systems. The integrated passive infrared sensor offers a range of up to range of 12 m at an angle of 110°. 

DOWNLOAD Datasheet - Satelco Article number 11176

Satelco Alarm siren with flash light VT103
The Satelco Alarm Siren with integrated strobe light is used wherever a reliable audible and visual alarm is required. By using this siren, an acoustic and optical warning can be given immediately. This is useful, among other things, in acute dangerous situations or threatening situations.

DOWNLOAD Datasheet - Satelco Article number 10673

Satelco LED stroboscope flash light VT105
The Satelco flashing light has been specifically developed for the IP supported Satelco monitoring systems for 24x7x365 environment, safety and current monitoring. A high-performance LED strobe light is integrated in this warning light, which signals the optical alarm. The visual alarm can be triggered manually or through the sensors connected to the Satelco monitoring device.

DOWNLOAD Datasheet - Satelco Article number 11189


Satelco Access sensor door contact VT530
Protect important rooms / cabinets from unauthorised entry or access: The SNMP-capable door contact sensor, also called sensor magnetic contact, is used for reliable monitoring of windows, doors, cabinets, etc.. As soon as the door is opened by the rack, you are informed by e-mail, SMS (GSM modem required) or SNMP trap. If desired, this sensor can also be connected in series and thus several doors / cabinets can be reliably monitored.

DOWNLOAD​​​​​​​ Datasheet - Satelco Article number 11174


Satelco DC Voltage Monitor VT410
This sensor is specifically designed for network-based monitoring of DC current and is compatible with all Satelco measurement and alarm systems. This IP-based DC current sensor can measure DC direct current in the range of 0 to 60 V DC. The measurement accuracy is +/- 1%. If desired, you can place this DC sensor up to 50 m away from the Ethernet-based Satelco meter.

DOWNLOAD Datasheet- Satelco Article number 11172


Satelco AC Alternating Current Sensor VT520
The Satelco AC Alternating Current Sensor is specifically designed for network-based monitoring of current. The sensor is required for AC 90-250 V measurement. This sensor is compatible with all Satelco monitoring systems.

DOWNLOAD Datasheet - Satelco Article number 11116

Satelco Access Magnet Sensor KMS-30
Protect important rooms from unauthorised access and cabinets from unauthorised access and ensure that windows and / or doors in offices, technical and server rooms are closed. Also equip your existing server cabinets, including the side and rear panels, with the sensor magnetic contact! One sensor with dry contact input, AC/DC 110V, 250m, power consumption 12V DC, 0.5A.

DOWNLOAD Datasheet - Satelco Article number 11180

Satelco Smoke Detector VT560  
This intelligent smoke detector with relay module, for dry contact mounting, belongs to the group of optical smoke detectors and works on the principle of scattered light. The smoke detector works autonomously and is powered by a 9V lithium block battery. An integrated evaluation function of the measuring chamber signal supports the high operational reliability of this smoke detector. At the same time, this smoke detector detects contamination and reports this by means of the integrated fault indicator. The escape of fire / fire / released smoke is detected when it enters the detector and signalled by a loud warning signal (optical alarm and fault indication).

DOWNLOAD Datasheet - Satelco Article number 11383