2N SIP Speaker

2N IP loudspeaker with SIP support

This next generation VoIP speaker has an integrated 2N SIP Audio Converter and is powered via PoE or power supply unit.

The 2N SIP Speaker is a SIP-compatible active speaker for playing live or recorded announcements. And not only from the IP phone or SIP microphone console but, when using the IP control centre, even from a mobile phone or smartphone. The VoIP loud-speaker 2N SIP Speaker offers all the features of a complex audio system and supports the SIP protocol. No additional investment in hardware or software is required.

The connection to the LAN network makes installation easy and effortless. Thanks to IP technology previous limits have been eliminated and announcements can no longer only be sent from a local station. Announcements can also be made to other branches, subsidiaries or business units via SIP or smartphone, theoretically from any-where in the world.

High-quality audio
- Easy integration into voicemail systems & answering machines
- No audio server required, direct SIP connection to the telephone
   system or via SIP direct call
- Planning of announcements
- Automatic configuration and monitoring
- Powerful, integrated amplifier
- Use of existing LAN/WAN network
- Announcements from Cisco devices (support of Informacast – via license upgrade)
- Second SIP proxy can be used as a backup/reserve
- Integration to other systems

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