Easy-to-configure instead of complicated programming has long been our motto

There is a current trend in building facility automation to tie the hardware to the manufacturer’s own proprietary software. We think this leads to undesirable dependencies. To break this link and retain flexibilility in the longer term, we see it as our mission to offer customers a system that permits the link together of different devices, hardware and third-party systems through one standardised, intuitively controlled platform.

All components of the Sallegra® automation system have been designed based on many years of practical experience and ensure good scalability and cost effectiveness with regard to energy. Thanks to this scalability, simple as well as complex control system can be implemented quickly and effectively, both for private house¬holds as well as for industrial and office buildings.

Building control at the pulse of time

The Sallegra® automation technology is constantly being upgraded and expanded together with our partners, thus ensuring that our customers always have the latest technology combined with practical functions.

One day Sallegra® will be able to do more than we even can imagine today, for its only limition is the imagination of the technicians who bring it to life. And that even for many years to come because, thanks to its open system architecture, it is the most future-oriented system one can imagine.