Satelco Alarmdialer Professional

The Satelco Alarm Dialer Professional is a simple alarm system that can manage up to 20 digital alarm contacts and 16 analog alarm inputs. Individual announcements and texts can be defined for each alarm. With the 4 relays, various external devices can be switched on or off. In case of an event, the corresponding assigned locations are informed by voice, SMS or mail. If required, a relay can also be activated. The alarm sequence can be regulated differently for each input. Up to 20 targets with different alarm types (voice, SMS or mail) can be assigned to the same potential-free contact. The protocol type (voice, SMS or mail) is assigned to each alarm target. Switching from day to night operation is controlled by the internal real time clock with NTP synchronization and summer / winter time settings. To stop all alarms locally, an external key can be connected to the inputs.

Satelco Alarm Dialer Professional
- 4 alarm inputs (digital) / 4 relay outputs
- Ethernet Interface 1 GBit
- Expandable to 20 digital and 16 analog inputs (0-10 V DC)
- Alarm repetition
- Alarm acknowledgement
- Different day and night destinations
- VOIP / SIP compatible

- Voice alarm with acknowledgement
- Short messages / SMS (Satelco SMS System)
- Mail messages
- Telephone siren
- Day / night mode
- Remote control
- Remote maintenance / automatic updates

DOWNLOAD Data sheet - Satelco Article number 11610