2N SIP Microphone

IP-Audio SIP console with microphone

The microphone console, based on the SIP technology, not only impresses with its elegant wood design, but also with its multiple functions.

2N SIP Mic is an IP microphone console that plays live or pre-recorded announcements for up to 12 zones. Together with the 2N SIP loudspeaker, 2N SIP Mic offers a complete voice announcement distribution system.

2N SIP Mic is even more versatile. For example, it can accept calls from the 2N intercoms, listen to the announcements in each zone, schedule announcements, and/or load your own messages. This makes it an ideal solution for places where identical announcements are played several times a day, such as schools, amusement parks, shops or public service vehicles. A simple power supply via PoE and programming via a web interface are additional advantages.

Network microphone console
- SIP Technology, no Server required
- Annoucements in up to 12 zones
- Reciprocal communication
- Playing recordered messages
- Live annoucements with integrated microphone
- Various broadcast zones can be selected
- 12 Buttons for free assignment
- Priority assignment possible
- Hi-Fi Audio quality
- Supports AXIS VAPIX
- External 12V DC or PoE (Power over Ethernet) power supply
- Quick and easy installation

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