Solutions for your building automation

Satelco has the ideal solution to hand for every customer when it comes to building automation – individual, innovative, intelligent and above all very easy to use.

Our premium line, Sallegra, transforms your house into a Smart Home. Thus, for example, you can control your lighting, shade, air conditioning, heating and even your security technology intuitively with ease. You can increase your security by monitoring window and door contacts, as well as through strategically placed motion detectors. Access control systems, with optional fingerprint sensors, make the dream of a keyless home come true. When you are away on business or on holiday, Sallegra can simulate your presence by sequentially switching on and off lights or everyday domestic appliances such as coffee machines or radios, thus protecting your home effectively. And best of all: you can also easily control and monitor all those operations via a free app from anywhere in the world.

Even for multi-occupancy houses, office buildings and large companies, Satelco offers customised home-automation systems that increase the level of comfort and security – for instance in server rooms or through access control of buildings.

Contact us and we can find the perfect solution for your building automation together. From the initial idea to installation and maintenance – we are constantly at your side.