Clear touch interface with many extras

To be able to enjoy your Smart Home properly, easy and convenient operation of the touch interface is crucial. Particularly newcomers to intelligent home technology want uncomplicated control of all elements in their own home. The Sallegra® MMI was specifically designed so that newcomers and experienced technology users alike quickly come to grips with the applications and be able to control all the elements of their Smart Homes with just a few hand movements and clicks.

Sallegra® Superior Automation Made in Switzerland

Sallegra® Multitouch 7" - 10"
Sallegra® Multitouch 7" - 10"
Sallegra® Touch Easy 10" Panel
Sallegra® Touch Easy 10" Panel

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Gigaset IP-SIP/VoIP Phones Sallegra® Edition

Gigaset Full Touch Phone Sallegra® Edition
Gigaset Full Touch Phone Sallegra® Edition
Gigaset Pro 10S corded Sallegra® Edition
Gigaset Pro 10S corded Sallegra® Edition

Configure the touch interface according to your ideas

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to the use of technical devices and wants to set their own priorities for their operation. With the Touch Interface Sallegra® MMI you can arrange all the control elements as you want and customise their size and type according to your needs. This facilitates operating comfort and makes the device easier to use.

Adapting the touch interface is as easy as the subsequent control of the system from your home or on the road. With its clear user guide and support via the internet, you find out step-by-step how easily the touch interface can be adapted to your preferences. Through the easy access to the individual panels and their adjustment in size, you can take account of which controls you use most on your touch interface. Some households want to control blinds and shutters, for example, while others are more interested in regularly tuning the setting of their heating system.

Sallegra® MMI - convenient use on numerous devices

A modern touch interface for your Smart Home should equally take account of the installed technology and the devices with which you want to intelligently control your home automation. In addition to the traditional computers or notebooks, tablets and smartphones have become the most important devices for conveniently controlling home automation via WLAN or mobile communications. The Touch Interfaces of the Sallegra® MMI series take account of this and their graphic interface is designed for use on all major end-user devices. Whether iPhone or iPad, smartphone or compact notebook, the graphic user interface is suitable for all devices..

After downloading the app and/or installing the software, you benefit immediately from a clear presentation of the most important functions, appropriate to your particular device. You can now modify the touch interface to suit your needs and likings. Particularly on smaller devices such as a smartphones, a clear and concise arrangement of the individual panels is essential, which can be achieved quickly and easily.

First-class touch interface for your smart home

To find out first-hand how simply and intelligently our Sallegra® MMI brand from Switzerland is to operate, try out the demonstration version on our website. It will quickly give you a feeling for the touch interface and show you in just a few steps how to change the appearance and function of the individual panels. Convinced by how it works in practice, you will be able to set up or expand your Smart Home at the first attempt.

Please contact our team if you want to find out more about the touch interface or need help with its initial design and layout.