Satelco RFID Access Control

Satelco's RFID card reader is a reliable and convenient access control option. RFID stands for "Radio Frequency Identification", which uses magnetic radio waves to transfer (identification) data from one device to another without contact.
The card reader can be used in both private and business environments. With RFID access control, various system statuses are displayed optically and acoustically on the reader unit.
In a network, up to 64 devices can be integrated in one bus. The configuration is easily and conveniently done via the Sallegra® Configurator.

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Satelco Biometrics Finger Scanner

The fingerprint scanner is one of the premium products in our portfolio. It guarantees a comfortable and extremely secure individualized access control. It has a waterproof front side according to IP65, a solid and scratch-free sensor surface and creates a high quality fingerprint image with wet and dry fingers. The sensor surface has been optimized for trouble-free capture of the ideal fingerprint image and thus guarantees a particularly reliable and convenient function - in the private sector as well as in business.
Configuration is easy and convenient using the Sallegra Configurator. In a network, up to 64 devices can be integrated in one bus. It also convinces with its timelessly elegant design and its robust, durable and vandalism-proof construction.

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Satelco Code lock

The code lock is perfect for situations where you do not want to depend on a magnetic card, transponder or key. Simply enter the code, confirm and you will be granted access. For applications in private households, the code lock is suitable for opening up to two doors or garage door drives. It can manage 32 different users offline. Each code can be assigned to either one or both doors. By networking the individual code locks, the configuration can be easily carried out by the Sallegra® Configurator. In the network, up to 64 devices can be integrated in one bus. There is no need to open the housing or change the coding bridges. The door opener can either be released independently by the code lock or by release by the Sallegra® Automation. The device is protected against vandalism and convinces with its modern design.

DOWNLOAD Datasheet - Satelco Article number 11346


Mini Bluetooth-Tracker
- Tracker Finder for e.g. key ring, luggage, children or pets etc.
- Range outdoor up to 25m (depending on the Bluetooth strength
  of the Bluetooth signal, 5-10m is usually the minimum for
  Bluetooth devices)
- Tracking system via smartphone or tablet, free app for tracking
  via Google Maps
- Suitable for any smartphone iOS or Android + Bluetooth
- Battery CR2032 not included!

Satelco Article number 11380