Satelco® CWT5011 3G/4G RTU SMS Alarm-Gateway

Easy setup with any terminal

Satelco® CWT5011 3G/4G RTU is designed as cost effective remote control system alert device. It monitors up to 8 dry contacts an 8 drivable relay outputs an 4 analog inputs. User-defined SMS is sent to pre-configure mobile phone numbers when a pre-defined alarm condition happens. These pre-configured mobile phone numbers can belong to technicians or engineers who are responsible in handling corresponding alarms. With the aid of this RTU, the alarm condition brings attention to in-charge personnel immediately. Besides it allows those mobile phone users to trigger any relay output by using SMS. The output can be connected with alarm indication device, such as alarm and others.
There is a built-in microprocessor chip running on a real-time operating system. It gives immediate response to any change in both inputs and outputs condition. A GSM modem is embedded in the RTU, the user needs a SIM card (not included) to put the RTU into operation. The RTU can be installed in any location under 3G/4G coverage.

- Integrated supporting battery
- Easy setup with any terminal
- Emulator software
- Flexible messages, recipients & options setting
- Time stamped alarm messages
- No need to use a PC – Easy for external application
- Dedicated standalone operation
- 2 watchdog inside, 24x7 operation
- Low cost of ownership
- 10 SMS alarm recipients (operation group)
- Bidirectional data transmission
- Support audio in and audio out
- 8 relay drivable outputs (12–24 V)
- 8 protected universal digital inputs. Accepts dry contact
- 4 analog inputs, accepts 4 ~ 20 mA or 0 ~ 5 V
- Temperature sensor inside (optional)
- Battery inside
- Alarm buzzer
- Remote setting of phones / Remote query of phone group, input & output status
- Remote On/Off / Pulse device
- Remote add, edit, delete phone group + repeat time
- Configuration for all input and output messages
- Eeasy-configured graphic interface application software

DOWNLOAD Data sheet - Satelco Article number 3G-11320 4G-11366

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