Eventplayer100 DMX

Event controlled MP3 audio player for DIN rail mounting

The Eventplayer100 DMX for infotainment and entertainment is ideal as a playback device for warning and information mes-sages as well as for communication with the automation and building technology.

As a logic controller that can be programmed via MP3 the Eventplayer 100 DMX is configured via XML. Thus it is able to cover a wide range of applications. Using the software, the configuration can be comfortably made on the screen. The desired events and action can be selected using the graphical user interface (GUI).

An SD card is required for the operation where all audio files and play lists to be used as well as the configuration are stored.

For control, seven freely configurable binary connections are available which can be used as inputs and outputs. An important feature is the ability to send and receive strings via an interface. Thus, it is possible to remotely control an external device such as e.g. a video player or a computer or to receive commands. Thereby, the received data stream is fil-tered and evaluated based on commands.  


XML freely programmable audio player
- DMX 512 interface
- 1 balanced stereo line output
- Music/speech memory up to max. 32 GB
- 7 freely configurable binary inputs and outputs
- Stand-alone mode or as a network
- Extensive audio playback functions
- EIB key sensor connection
- Decentralised extension
- Free configuration software
- Possibility of firmware update

DOWNLOAD Data sheet  -  Satelco Article number 11217


Stereo Audio Amplifier AV30


2 audio amplifier channels
- Summing amplifier input
- 1 symmetrical and 1 asymmetrical audio in-put
- Reversible stereo/mono bridged operation
- Separate volume control per channel
- Thermal and overload protection
- Green design only 0.8 W in standby

DOWNLOAD Data sheet  -  Satelco Article number 11218