From now on you can immediately avoid the energy consumption of unused systems. This mainly occurs from devices in standby mode for carrying as well as from lights previously turned on manually, as well as from the heating of individual rooms or the entire living area. Using a centralised power-off, the benefit immediately comes into effect when you leave the house. Heating systems can be reactivated in good time for your return, so you no longer need to waste energy while away for no reason at all.

With the smart building automation from Sallegra you can actively save money at the same time as making a positive contribution to the environment.

Operating panels & App

In order to control your building efficiently, operating panels are available for the display and control of functions throughout the living area. The language and other settings can also be customised to suit your individual needs. An added advantage is the specially designed app for mobile phones, allowing you to set and control the building functions remotely at any time.

Benefit from all the advantages to you and your family of more safety and living comfort in your own home.

Health & Safety

By installing residual current circuit-breakers to protect children and others in your household you are making an active contribution to enhanced safety. Through the centralised control and regulation of the system you also avoid unnecessary electrical smog because, in the interest of increased energy efficiency, appliances in standby mode are completely turned off.