Ingenium BES KNX SmartTouch-K Plus 4.3"

Vertical capacitive touch screen to control and monitor all installation devices by icons on customisable images. The background design, controls, icons and text are completely editable and can create up to 6 different scenarios which can be programmed to change automatically when you want. In this way the panel can be fully customised to suit the place where it is to be installed. It has been designed to ensure precise digital regulation receiving orders via the KNX bus, including the possibility of controlling each channel individually or the 3 or 4 channels simultaneously for RGB or RGBW applications.

The panel has been designed to show all controls on a single screen including 8 controls. However, if necessary it may include up to 32 controls, divided up into 4 screens (8 controls per screen) whose navigation is done by a simple lateral displacement. It also includes a specific interface for climate control. The device allows scenes and sequences to be programmed and incorp-orates an advanced logic unit with 8 blocks of comparison, logic and arithmetic operations and also timers and counter blocks. The ability of the panel to generate a Wi-Fi signal permits it to be controlled locally from any iOS or Android device, simply by downloading the official Ingenium application. Other interesting features of the new vertical panel are gestural “shortcuts” that allow you to perform default actions with a simple movement while the screen remains in stand-by mode, multilanguage support and security features such as blocking by numerical code or restricting access to the settings menu.

DOWNLOAD Data sheet - Satelco Article number 10391