The ST2-K Plus is the new version of the SmartTouch-K

The external design and surfaces have been renewed with an all-glass front without plastic frame. A new housing and bracket optimise the behaviour of the sensors as well as their installation and mounting.
The electronics have also been completely redesigned for more power and processor capacity, resulting in more fluidity and a better user experience.

Supports up to 32 controls divided into 4 pages (8 controls per page) whose navigation is done by simply sliding them sideways. It also has a dedicated interface for air conditioning with an internal thermostat. Integrated WEB server or the possibility of generating a WiFi network to control it locally and/or remotely from any iOS or Android device. Voice control with Google Home is also possible.
It also includes gestural "shortcuts" that allow you to perform standard actions with a simple movement while the screen remains in standby mode, multilingual support and security issues such as blocking by numeric code or restricting access to the settings menu.

The ST2-K SmartTouch is available with the back panel in WHITE or BLACK.

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Satelco Article number 10391-WHITE / 10756-BLACK