The LGAC-KNX Gateway is a device that provides the interface between the LG HVAC proprietary protocol and the KNX devices is controlled. The integration of the LG air conditioning units with the KNX system is achieved by a direct connection to the RS485 bus. For each individual indoor unit, the LGAC-KNX Gateway allows control of the most common functions such as set temperature, measured dryness, operating mode (heating, cooling, fan, dry, and automatic) and fan speed (low, medium, high, or auto).

Communication gateway between KNX protocol and LG HV AC protocol
- Controls up to 64 indoor units connected to one outdoor unit
- Complete functionality for each device: set temperature,
  measured temperature, Operating mode heating, cooling,
  automatic mode, fan speed and several error feedbacks
- Compatible LG systems: In some cases the integration requires 
  the installation of an additional board in the outdoor units of the LG system
  where the type of the board depends on the model of the indoor unit depends - see technical data.

DOWNLOAD Data sheet - Satelco Article number 10395