Home automation control and video intercom in a single touch device

VIIP-7 and VIIP-10 are touch screens with integrated web server and native connection to KNX, in addition to supporting SIP communication, allowing the screen to also function as a video intercom and provide call forwarding when connected to a network with a third party SIP outdoor unit.
The touch screens have a 7.1″ and 10.1″ TFT and it is possible to visualise KNX projects by plans (configured with the SIDEKNX tool) or by rooms (images, labels, icons, etc. fully configurable by the user via iOS/Android apps). 

Other important functions:
- Support for seasons, technical alarms and push notifications
- Possibility of call forwarding to the mobile phone
- Native integration with devices of other protocols, such as
  ZWave, Zigbee/CHIP/Matter, etc.
- IFFTTT support and MQTT broker
- Possibility of configuration as Modus client or Modbus-
- Support for Python programming, intended for advanced
  user scripting intended

The 7.1″ and 10.1″ touchscreens are available with front galls and rear panel in WHITE or BLACK, with 3 integrated network interface options:
VIIP-7 and VIIP-10 / WLAN, without Ethernet
VIIP-7 and VIIP-10 / WLAN and 1x RJ45 Ethernet
VIIP-7 and VIIP-10 / WLAN and 2x RJ45 Ethernet

DOWNLOAD Data sheet 

Satelco Article number 10392 VIIP-7 WHITE / 10763 VIIP-7 BLACK 
                                          10777 VIIP-10 WHITE / 10679 VIIP-10 BLACK