2N SIP Audio Converter

Flexible, deployable SIP based solution for loudspeaker announcements
The 2N SIP Audio Converter is a universal IP-based paging system for simple and effective communication, increased security and protection of property. Registered as a SIP terminal device on an IP PBX, announcements can be made specifically by calling from a telephone. With the multicast function, several SIP speakers can be addressed in parallel. Each system can be configured using its own web interface or with the help of the 2N Helios IP Manager application.

The 2N SIP Audio Converter as a built-in unit for IP intercom systems
By connecting a microphone and a loudspeaker, the 2N SIP Audio Converter becomes a fully-fledged intercom system. The digital input can be connected to a button. After pressing the button, a programmed number is dialled and a voice connection is established. The digital output can be activated via a button combination, e.g. as a door opener control.

Performance features:
- Effective distribution of messages
- Easy integration
- Powerful built-in amplifier
- Input for external microphone
- Use of the existing LAN/WAN network
- Web interface for configuration
- Remote control
- Stand-alone device - no server required
- Easy and fast installation
- Configuration via web interface

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