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Welcome to Satelco - your partner for building automation!


The company Satelco AG

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Smart Home

Warmth, light, roller blinds, pictures, sound and more. Control everything from one place – not only from your home.

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Control Panels

Whether by speech and/or automation: With Satelco you can control everything via a single interface. more »


VoIP in combination with GSM/UMTS: This is how you can always maintain contact with your company, even in very different situations.

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Control access, check operating statuses – and the ability to take action remotely, if required: Satelco systems with which you can minimize the risk of loss or damage.

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To get professional help on site, if required. This can save you being sorry after the event and will reduce the subsequent costs.

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Within a few years our life has been catapulted into a modern world. Internet, phone and global networking make distances shorter and connections faster. The extraordinary technical achievements of the internet age also include a global freedom of communication, which has brought with it an immense increase in the quality of living. The efficient use of energy and improved health and higher security around living are without any doubt among the peculiarities of modern high-tech in the household, as in daily life in general. These invaluable advantages enable intelligent smart home systems and remote-controlled control, regulating, monitoring and optimization facilities of a building automation system.

Smart Home - When living is a safe and economical experience

The umbrella term "Smart Home" includes not only the automated control and interconnectedness of all elements of building equipment and household appliances such as washing machine, garage door, blinds, stove, heating system and refrigerator. It also includes the centralised network of equipment and installations which serve for entertainment. The Smart Home can be controlled via the internet and extensible apps through their own programming interface as well as with the smartphone or laptop.

Satelco guarantees an easy and straightforward operation that can be performed by pressing a key or by voice command. Satelco Smart Home systems are not only suitable for private living quarters, they can be easily integrated in existing properties and new buildings. "Smart Home" does not only stand for increased living comfort. It also includes significant aspects of security to protect against intruders in the private sphere.

Thanks to a professional access control rooms to be protected can be monitored using the latest camera technology and an automated alerting of police and fire departments initiated. The technique even can react to intrusion attempts with additional protection of individual rooms, or closing of all blinds. To enable a carefree and secure communication between individual rooms and departments, Satelco offers modern VoIP solutions via GSM/UMTS. (Mobile digital phone calls over the internet; Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM); UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System). Using this technology, company calls can be made on the way or from inside the building under the highest safety standards . It ensures a 100 availability taking into account circumstances. Of course, these types of systems can also be combined with a building automation system. The Smart Home is continuously controlled from this central unit.

To create something coherent and big, it always takes perfect communication in life. Applied to a harmonious functioning smart home, this means that even different products can communicate application with each other through another software and via the internet. So-called smart home standards enhance the comfort, safety and efficiency with only one language. Satelco knows which actions and systems are suitable for individual needs.

See for yourself.