Satelco Monitoring System VT325

Monitoring system for technology and server room environments

The Monitoring System 50 represents the entry model of the high-end monitoring systems of the manufacturer Satelco. This compact measuring and alarm system is manufactured in the EU. The engineering and support of these monitoring systems are located in Germany. This LAN-based remote monitoring system is used wherever permanent monitoring of company critical areas (e.g. production, warehouse, server room) is absolutely necessary.

The Satelco Monitoring System 50 offers cross-industry applications:
- Monitoring important rooms (e.g. warehouse or server room)
- Remote monitoring of technical rooms in subsidiaries
- Monitoring of energy supply systems
- Monitoring of ITC systems
- 24/7 monitoring of air conditioning systems / air conditioners
- Monitoring of USV and mains backup systems
- Monitoring of technology, control and server cabinets
- Monitoring of the development and production areas
- Temperature monitoring of cold storage rooms / cold stores
- IP connection of security, house and building technology
- Monitoring of warehouse, depot, archive and much more...

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