Dual humidity and temperature sensor VT490
This sensor was specially developed for measuring the two important environmental parameters temperature and relative humidity (RH). The sensor belongs to the group of CAN-based sensors (Control Area Network) and is compatible with all remote monitoring systems and PDUs from Satelco.
This Multi Sensor Temp / Humidity is simply connected to one of the two CAN bus ports of the Satelco monitoring systems. You get a combined web thermometer and web hygrometer. The advantage is that the sensors integrated in the combi-sensor have already undergone long-term calibration at the factory (ISO/IEC 17025 standard).

DOWNLOAD Datasheet - Satelco Article number 11107

Satelco Combined smoke, humidity and temperature sensor VT460
The multi-sensor for early fire detection is equipped with both an optical sensor (scattered light principle) and a thermal differential detector. In this way, smoke released by an open fire or smouldering fire can be detected at an early stage. Since a fire is also noticeable by a rapid and at the same time high temperature development, the fire can also be detected with the support of the integrated thermal sensor technology. The evaluation functions for the measuring chamber and the temperature signal integrated in the multi-sensor fire detector ensure reliable operation of this detector.

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Satelco Sensor Extension Unit VT408
This rack monitoring sensor unit is part of the CAN bus sensors group and has been specifically developed for 24x7 monitoring of technical facilities and server cabinets. This compact sensor unit integrates a passive infrared sensor, two inputs for potential-free contacts as well as a humidity sensor. The sensor unit is simply connected to one of the two CAN bus ports of your Satelco measurement and monitoring device. Up to 8 CAN bus sensors and CAN bus units per CAN bus can be connected in series. The length of each CAN bus Strang can be up to 300 m. Integrate other rooms and systems into the 24x7 safety monitoring of the Satelco alarm systems!

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