Our products

Satelco AG offers solutions in three areas: Call management, GSM integrators and building facility technology.

GSM integration solutions allow telephone systems to integrate GSM phones better in the existing infrastructure and offer an enhanced benefit to the customer. The user of a mobile phone can thus not only remain available but also take action while talking to the customer.

Significant cost savings for calls from landlines to mobile phone networks can be achieved by using GSM integrators. A large and comprehensive range of peripheral devices for telephone switch systems makes it possible to customise automation applications and call handling, thus effectively creating an acoustic business card to support a professional image on the phone.

All around building facility technology, the call for fully automated security is constantantly increasing. Intelligent door intercoms effectively monitor the entrance to buildings. Alarm systems offer efficient and secure monitoring of technical facilities.

The possibilities

The current focus is on the onvergence of landline and mobile phone networks. Through the introduction of VoIP the hitherto separate domaines of landline and mobile phone communications will be merged in the near future.

The Satelco GSM integration already offers mobile phones the same functionality as internal phone system subscribers: call transfer back to the PBX, alternative routing in case of "no answer" or "busy", remote call transfer, voice-to-email mailboxes as well as the recording of conversations.