Satelco Dry Contact Board (IN) VTX16
As part of the convergence of building automation and control into IT, also potentialfree/digital contacts can be monitored via TCP/IP network with the Satelco monitoring systems. Up to 16 alarm signals can be connected to the optionally available dry contact board for Satelco monitoring systems. In the Web GUI, the switch contacts can be individually configured and the required alarm types set.

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Satelco Dry contact board (IN/OUT) VTX40
This Satelco extension module for dry contacts offers the user 32 inputs for IP connection of potentialfree/digital contacts. Monitor the alarm contacts/signal contacts of important systems such as air conditioning system, UPS system or emergency diesel generator around-the-clock with your Satelco monitoring system.

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Satelco Extension board VT18 to Monitoring System VT825
Enables the addressed correlation of dry contacts and relay responses and allows appropriate action to be taken as determinded by tha system logic. The board is mounted and connected in the VT825.

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Satelco Li-ION Battery CGA103
This lithium-ion battery is used for backup battery supply of the Satelco Monitoring Systems. The battery is connected to the 12 V emergency power supply of the Satelco monitoring system. In case of a power failure or inadequate capacity of the UPS unit, it can be ensured that the Satelco monitoring system is supplied with battery voltage. Battery life: up to approx. 4.5 h.
Requires VT101 Battery Holder and VT18 Expansion Board.

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Satelco Battery Holder VT101
Holder for the Li-ION battery CGA103. The metal bracket is simply hung in the retaining notches of the Satelco monitoring system. Screws are not required. 

Satelco Article number 11187

Satelco DC Current Sensor HOS-100Q1
The simple open-loop DC current sensor can measure DC currents in the range 0-100A. It can be used together with a DC current transformer to transmit the data to the monitoring system.

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Satelco DC Ampermeter VT416
Bidirectional Hall current sensor is used to measure direct current. Measured current ±6A. The system interface allows the sensor to be assigned and the data conversion function to be introduced. Detection and configuration: The sensor is automatically detected by the system. The user must select the meter type manually in the web interface.

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