BES KNX 4-Channel Dimmer RGBWL-K

The 4-Channel Dimmer RGBWL-K is a 4-channel electronic constant voltage dimmer, which enables control and regulation of 10 to 24 V DC LED strip light modules or other low voltage lamps.

It is designed for precise digital control and receives commands via the KNX bus, including the possibility to control each channel individually or the 3 or 4 channels simultaneously for RGB or RGBW applications.

The dimming time (successive on/off lighting) can be configured individually for each channel. The RGB mode allows to select a specific color by dimming with push buttons or directly with any color palette and then change the brightness of the selected color or individual channels.

The device allows the programming of scenes and sequences and has an advanced logic unit with 8 comparison blocks, logic and calculation functions, timer and counter blocks.

DOWNLOAD Data sheet - Satelco Article number 10393