Sallegra® Ethernet Input Module ADI-ET-8/8 Serie 2020

No software required, control via web browser or API
- Open protocol
- Can be completely configured and operated via web interface
- Shutter function configurable
- Integrated web server
- Password protected
- Jumper (or button) to load the factory settings
- Inputs freely programmable
- Ecological thanks to bistable relays
- compatible to:
  openHAB (incl. Logo) / 2N compatible (incl. Logo) / 
  Sallegra IOT (Internet of things) / Netavis (incl. logo)
  and Gehrke Neurokom (incl. logo)

Note: If you are using a PT1000/PT100 with the Sallegra Input Module, it is mandatory that the Satelco transmitter
(Article number 11392) be connected upstream.

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Satelco Article number 10403