IP intercom system

Optimise your protection against uninvited guests

The first intercoms and two-way intercoms were developed as early as the 1930s. Today, systems of this type are an integral part of many areas of everyday life. In addition to their use in modern home and building technology, they have long been convincing as office or industrial intercom systems and as technical aids for hospital communication.

Especially in the field of crime prevention, door intercoms have become an indispensable component. Uninvited guests can be briefly and succinctly turned away without you having to open the front door even a crack - bad times for criminals or pushy salesmen, for example.

IP door intercoms - the contemporary form of door communication

Whereas in earlier times corresponding systems had a simple design and only a few functions, current devices offer diverse and flexibly usable features. Our high-quality IP door intercoms represent precisely this development. Such a system can be easily linked to your in-house network. You can easily establish the connection with an Ethernet cable or you can use a WLAN door intercom system, which reduces the installation requirements enormously.

Many of the door intercoms can also be operated via an app on a tablet or smartphone. This gives you the opportunity to see who is at your front door from anywhere. On holiday or on a business trip, this gives you a feeling of additional security. But our IP door intercoms are also ideal for use in car parks, shopping centres, hospitals, schools or other public buildings.

We offer highly functional systems in a wide variety of designs

Are you perhaps looking for a particularly cost-effective solution? Then we recommend products such as our 2N IP Uni SIP intercom. Equipped with full duplex audio, echo filter, an integrated relay for access control systems and with backlighting, you can use this cost-effective system both as a classic door intercom and as an information or emergency call point. If, on the other hand, you need a pure emergency call solution, our 2N IP Safety system is the best choice.

This model is a modern IP emergency telephone with which you can reliably communicate with an emergency call centre if necessary. The dust-proof device is especially protected against weather influences and has a resistant design - weather caprices or vandalism don't stand a chance here.

Intelligent solutions with integrated video transmission

IP door intercoms with video transmission are currently very popular. This technology offers you optimised convenience. Systems of this type can be controlled or called up at any time with smartphones that support video telephony. In our portfolio you will find various models of door intercom systems that enable video transmission in addition to voice transmission. Variants such as the 2N IP Verso model even offer you infrared light and night vision as a modular IP door intercom system with integrated HD colour camera.

If you are looking for a door guard for extreme conditions and with an integrated wide-angle camera, on the other hand, the special 2N IP Force version is the best choice. This is an intelligent solution for monitoring and access control of building entrances, which is explicitly designed for use under the most difficult conditions thanks to its robust mechanical construction.

With us you will find IP door intercoms for every need

Take a look for yourself at the functionality and quality of our IP door intercoms. You can browse our website at your leisure and take a closer look at the individual functions and features - it's worth it. We have models in various designs for every need.