2N Uni

Universal IP Intercom solution

2N IP Uni, is a SIP Intercom which provides a cost effective solution for access control and communication. It offers full-duplex audio with echo cancellation, integrated relay for door entry systems and 1 or 2 fully backlit buttons. 2N IP Uni is ideal for schools, parking lots, shopping malls, hospitals or public buildings. It can be used as an information/emergency help point or as a door entry system.

Due to its innovative design and available accessories, Helios IP Uni will save you time needed for installation and offers you variety of mounting options such as on the wall, plasterboard or flush mount.

Cost effective door IP Intercom solution
- Relay controlled by DTMF
- Stainless steel front panel
- Compatible with 2N® Access Commander

Simple installation
- 1W Speaker
- Fully back-lit buttons
- Tamper switch
- Times profiles
- DTMF Switch control
- 2N Access Commander Software
- Simple installation
- 1W Speaker
- Tamper switch
- Full-Duplex

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