2N Safety

The unmissable helper in need

2N IP Safety is designed as the ideal intercom for emergency voice communication under extreme conditions. Its striking orange colour and backlit button guarantee that it cannot be overlooked and also guarantee its functionality in crisis situations and under adverse lighting conditions - in a smoke-filled environment for example.

2N IP Safety provides the highest level of protection against dust and water and mechanical damage, and it is thus also resistant to rough handling and adverse weather conditions.

2N IP Safety can also be used in very noisy environments thanks to two integrated microphones suppressing background noise and a speaker with performance of up to 10W. The powerful speaker also makes it possible to use 2N IP Safety as a loudspeaker if necessary.

Highlights :
Maximal resistivity against dust, water, and mechanical damage
- High level of comprehensibility and high volume noisy environment
- Striking colour for easy identification under poor lighting conditions
- Backlit anti-vandal button made of stainless steel
- Integrated relay for controlling external devices
- Reliable communication under any conditions
- Simple installation and configuration
- Other elements can be added to expand the system with ease

2N® Access Commander – management and user-administration from one location
- Remote control of switches – integrated Switch (with license upgrade)
- IP Relaiy – open the door with an http command (with license upgrade)
- Tamper switch – detection of forced opening
- Time profiles – management of calls current the time and day
- Voice transmission
- 10W Loadspeaker
- Robust mechanical construction
- Full-Duplex

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