2N IP Audio-Kit

The 2N IP Audio Kit is an OEM intercom for manufacturers of various devices, such as parking systems, information boards, industrial equipment or ATMs. Once installed in your system, it will enable you to enjoy not only audio communication, remote monitoring and control, but it will also handle your connection with the user. This gives you an advantage over the competition and provides your customers with the comfort of a live operator and the option of seeking advice by merely pushing a button.

Sophisticated software functions enable the 2N® IP Audio Kit to be set up so that it not only enhances your device’s features, but also, in conjunction with your device, provides the customer with high user value. Communication takes place through a SIP 2.0 protocol, which is standard for VoIP telephony. In addition, with SIP intercoms you can also take advantage of cheap internet calls or connection via an IP PBX. Like other products in the 2N Helios IP range, the Audio Kit is compatible with global manufacturers’ PBX.

SIP rear electronics with Ethernet connection
- Up to 16 external buttons/matrix keypad connection
- 2 digital inputs, 1 digital output
- 2 logical Inputs
- Configuration via web browser
- DHCP or static IP
- Up to 3 telephone numbers to each button
- Activation of outputs via DTMF
- Full duplex
- Power from an adapter or PoE

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