ZigBee AC Dimmer

The ZigBee AC dimmer is an innovative AC dimming actuator with ZigBee control interface. It is equipped with a 100-240 V AC input and output and is designed for a maximum power of 400 W. The dimmer is available with a front edge dimming version as well as a rear edge dimming version. With the innovative brightness adjustment function, users can set a minimum brightness and dim to 100% brightness. The dimmer can be controlled via a ZigBee gateway interface or via remote controls that are added to the network and connected to the dimmer.

The device is based on ZigBee 3.0 and can be connected to and controlled by up to 30 ZigBee remotes that support ZigBee Light Link via Touchlink. It also supports the new ZigBee Green Power feature and can be connected directly to a remote controlled by up to 20 ZigBee Green Power Remotes without a ZigBee Hub or Gateway.


DOWNLOAD Data sheet - Satelco Articlenumber 11328