Sallegra® Multitouch Satellite Display

Small and smart

With the new Sallegra® Multitouch satellite display, you can bring your hotel technology to a whole new level.

The 2.8“ display is installed at the entrance door of a hotel room and simply connected via USB to the Sallegra® Multitouch display installed in the hotel room. There it replaces the classic Doorhanger, which serves to display the room status. The hotel guest can easily set the room status via the Sallegra® Multitouch display in the hotel room, which is then displayed on the Sallegra® Multitouch satellite display on the room door. Of course it shows on request that the room should be cleaned, or that the guest does not want to be disturbed.

It can also be used as a subtle doorbell via the touch display. In the event of an alarm (for example, fire alarm), all the status displays of the hotel room are also displayed on the Sallegra® Multitouch satellite display and the hotel staff will recognize the status of the room already in front of the door. 

Display of hotel room status for hotel staff (“Do not disturb”, “Clean room”, etc.)
- Display of hotel room alarm status (“Alarm”, “Fire alarm”, etc.)
- Display of hotel room number
- Hotel room bell via touch display
- All graphics are customizable and extendable
- Requirements: Sallegra® Hotel Controller + Sallegra® Multitouch Panel 7" or 10"

DOWNLOAD Data sheet  -  Satelco Article number 10400