Sallegra® Micro Radar Motion Detector

The Sallegra® Micro Radar Motion Detector is a hidden 360º high frequency motion detector for installation in false ceilings or technical ceilings. It can also be installed in brick walls or plasterboard. This device is intended to replace the ceiling 360º passive detectors and significantly exceeds their performance. It is based on high-frequency technology, which allows it to penetrate any type of surface, except metal. The hidden installation guarantees security against burglary or vandalism. Moreover, it combines aesthetics and automation in a single installation. It allows a wide range of simple parameterization and is therefore suitable for lighting functions, person recognition and as a burglar alarm system.

- Detects movement through solid, non-metallic
  objects (bricks, wood, etc.)
- Detects minimal movements
- Hidden installation in false ceilings or walls
- Easy to install, gives elegance to the lighting design
- Insensitive to vandalism
- Automatic reset after recognition

DOWNLOAD Datasheet  -  Satelco Article number 11593