Sallegra® Automation Controller Entry Serie 2020

Low-cost entry to building automation

The Sallegra® Automation Controller Entry is mounted directly on the DIN rail in the distribution boxes of the electrical installation. With its variety of interfaces it can take on a multitude of control and communication tasks in the building automation. Whether control of lighting, shading, air conditioning, heating, etc., with the Sallegra® Automation Controller Entry you bring together all building systems.
As the system has no fan and hard drive, it is maintenance- free. The Sallegra® Automation Controller Entry is designed for 24 h continuous operation.

- Compact design
- All necessary gateways already on board
- Fanless, meintenance-free and can be installed in all positions
- Maximum energy savings through perfect optimisation of all
- Silent thanks to convection cooling
- Function as multicontroller (backup, redundancy,
  load sharing) also across locations
- Sallegra® automation control software

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Satelco Article number 10628