iTach Infrared Devices

iTach TCP/IP or WiFi for infrared control

Quickly connect almost any electrical device to a Network for Remote Control.The iTach provides wired IP (PoE) or wireless WiFi connectivity to infrared (IR) components. It includes both a blaster and emitters to control all of your components.
Seamlessly control infrared devices over a network and the Internet. The iTach provide a new level of automation and control flexibility, enabling device networking in homes, businesses, or schools. Based on open standards, the iTach can easily be integrated in to a home automation system or controlled by PC or iPhone/iPod/iPad control applications.
The iTach devices includes 3 IR emitter ports. The third emitter port can be used with the included IR blaster to control many devices by placing the blaster in front of the set of devices to be controlled. Also includes 3 singleemitter cables for attachment directly to the infrared receiver window of devices to be controlled.

Connects almost any electrical device to an Ethernet/wired or to a wireless network instantly
- Ultra compact design, stylish enclosure can fit almost anywhere
- Integrated web server for easy setup, HTTP, DHCP, fast firmware update
- Flash upgradeable for firmware enhancements in the field
- Built in IR learning in every unit
- Support of eight simultaneous connections
- Available as TCP/IP cable version (optional PoE) or WiFi version

DOWNLOAD Data sheet - Satelco Article number 10179