GC-100 Network Adapter

  • Built-in web server for easy configuration
  • Available in 3 modules and 1 rack version (Infrared (IR), RS-232, Relay)
  • Quiet, fanless, environmentally friendly

Connect almost any electrical device quickly to a network for remote control

The GC-100 network adapters by Global Caché are available in four variants and offer a new level of automation and control flexibility. They enable the networking of standard household appliances such as TV, radio, etc. which do not have a corresponding interface.

You control media-technology household appliances with the standard interfaces RS-232, infrared and relay contacts via an Ethernet network. Input signals can be used with special cable adapters on the IR outputs.

The GC-100 network adapters are connected with the network via RJ-45 connector and have a built-in web server for the configuration of the systems via computer and web browser.


  • Connects infrared devices, RS232, sensors and normally open contact devices (relays) to a TCP/IP network
  • Available in three variants and a rack version for unmatched flexibility
  • Compatible with all control systems and Sallegra® which can output control commands over a network interface
  • Peripheral device includes IR teach-in and IR input via a TCP/IP network