Control panels

We are all slowly getting used to the functions that modern smart home solutions have to offer. The independent operation of shutters and blinds in sunlight. The garage door opening when we return home. Preheating the rooms so that they are cosy and warm when we return from work. But all this can only be realized with a high level of comfort if the appropriate control panels for building automation are available. In our range there are many models that combine high functionality with extremely attractive user-friendliness. Have a look around! If you have any questions, please contact us via our hotline.


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Uncomplicated operation in focus

Operating panels for building automation should be as convenient as the function of the smart home solutions themselves. This opinion has led us to include only products in our range that offer this level of comfort. This starts with spacious displays and extends to practical touch functions and the clear design of the individual navigation points. Intelligent home technology needs control mechanisms that are quick to operate and do not require a long training period. For this reason, many functions of the control panels for building automation are implemented in an almost self-explanatory manner and can be performed intuitively. So that every user can find the ideal model for himself, different inch sizes are also available.

Individualizability in view


Smart Home is always something individual, because everyone has different needs. Why should this be different for control panels for building automation? Our models offer you a variety of design options for demand-oriented use. One example: It is not always enough to control smart home solutions via desktop from your home PC or the computer in your office. It is just as important that mobile devices can integrate these solutions. Even when you're on the move, you want to be able to access solutions from your smartphone, tablet, etc. that make your life much more convenient. Mobility is also important at home with control panels for building automation. Remote controls today are no longer just used to switch the TV on and off. They are intelligent technology that can be configured and controlled for a variety of purposes. Already during the software download you can see which functions are possible and how you can use the control panels for building automation individually. We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities.

Brand quality convinces

Only brand quality is a partner for building automation, and we place our trust in our product range. After all, rooms in which we feel comfortable living and working need a needs-based control system that focuses on material and processing quality and makes functionality convincingly user-friendly. In this way, operating panels for building automation are transformed from pure technology into comfortable helpers with real added value.