Home Automation

Household appliances

Sallegra makes your life easier!

You want to wake up to the pleasant aroma of freshly brewed coffee from your fully automatic coffee maker? On the way to work you suddenly remember that you forgot to turn off the stove? Now you can solve such a problem simply at the click of a button!

By intelligently connecting up your household appliances – for example you fully automatic coffee maker or stove – to the home network, you have everything under control: anytime, anywhere. How does this work?
You operate all the appliances you have via the fixed control panel at home or via you smartphone when you are on the move, using the “Sallegra Remote” in-house app. Doesn’t that sound easy? Well it is!

Shutters & blinds

Sallegra makes your life more comfortable!

The sun shines into the study, making it impossible to see your monitor. At lunchtime in the summer you want to let down the blinds so that the rooms don’t get excessively hot in the afternoon. Such things can be controlled fully automatically using Sallegra!

You will particularly appreciate this luxury if you have a lot of large windows in the house. You can set up group settings with the central operating system on the control panel or via app that are perfectly suited to particular weather conditions or times of day. In addition, status messages about all facade elements integrated in the system can be called up at any time, giving you the confidence that your home is always optimally protected. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Windows & skylights

Sallegra makes your life safer!

You are on the road, when suddenly there’s a thunderstorm– but you forgot to close the skylights before you left home? No reason to worry!

Using your smartphone and the “Sallegra Remote” app installed on it, you can check in real-time if the windows have been closed automatically! And even when you are at home, you can keep an eye on all the windows in the house via the fixed control panel; and open or close them at will. Particularly clever: A connection between the window contacts and the heating control or the alarm unit ensures greater energy efficiency and more security!

Temperature control

Sallegra makes your life more efficient!

You prefer a higher room temperature in the living room than in the bedroom? There are some rooms in the house that you rarely use and thus do not want to heat continuously?

Sallegra makes thermoregulation in your home a no-brainer! For example you can configure automatic night settings or control the temperature in rooms individually. Thus you can set up the ideal climate for each room and for every situation. Another advantage: You increase energy efficiency and save money with this customised thermoregulation! Efficiency that literally pays off!