Satelco Extension modules

Satelco 16-port dry contact board

As part of the convergence of building automation and control into IT, also potentialfree/digital contacts can be monitored via TCP/IP network with the Satelco monitoring systems. Up to 16 alarm signals can be connected to the optionally available dry contact board for Satelco monitoring systems. In the Web GUI, the switch contacts can be individually configured and the required alarm types set

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Satelco 32-port dry contact board

This Satelco extension module for dry contacts offers the user 32 inputs for IP connection of potentialfree/digital contacts. Monitor the alarm contacts/signal contacts of important systems such as air conditioning system, UPS system or emergency diesel generator around-the-clock with your Satelco monitoring system.

Satelco GSM modem for monitoring systems

The Satelco IT monitoring systems and intelligent PDU can be equipped with this internal quad-band GSM modem. This quad band modem can be used to send alarms via SMS. This is highly recommended in case of malfunction or failure of the network and communication connection. The Satelco GSM modem is also ideal for monitoring remote equipment sites, which are not connected via LAN.


Satelco mobile radio communication modem with LTE Support

All Satelco monitoring systems can be equipped with this advanced 4G LTE modem and send alarms via SMS. This USB mobile communication modem supports the protocols USB GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, LTE and DCHSPA+. This way, unmanned telecommunications and technical facilities rooms at subsidiaries can be remotely monitored around-the-clock by the Satelco measurement and alarm systems.

Satelco Weatherproof station antenna for GSM/ GPRS modem

The Satelco IT alarm systems can be equipped with this GSM modem. This enables to send SMS alarm messages in an emergency directly via the mobile communications network of your mobile provider. This is advantageous in case of failure of the communication connection, e.g. failure of network switch or DSL failure. Thus you ensure that the alarm from the technical facilities or server room reaches the responsible employees.