Satelco Monitoring System VT335

Monitoring system for technology and server room environments
The advanced Satelco Monitoring System 100 III is the top seller of high-end monitoring systems from Satelco AG. This monitoring appliance is manufactured within the EU. The engineering and support of Satelco monitoring systems is based in Switzerland. This Ethernet-based monitoring appliance is used wherever non-stop monitoring of mission-critical (IT) infrastructures (e.g. server room) is required.

Important features of this IP surveillance system include
- independent functionality, no installation of software
- Multilingual web interface with integrated logic
- Fully SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 (encrypted)
- Support of leading network management systems 
   (among others Nagios, PRTG)
- SNMP MIB files and plugins for Nagios included
- SNMP traps to NMS and SNMP tools, support of 
   SNMP Polling
- 4x auto-sensing ports for any analog sensors 
   from Satelco
- 1x CAN-Bus port for sensor extension units and digital
   CAN Sensors
- 4x Dry Contact Ports for IP connection of digital / potential-free
- 2 alarm outputs for siren, alarm system or 
   Building monitoring
- Notification and alarm types such as e-mail or SMS 
   (optional GSM modem required)
- Encrypted e-mail transmission (TLS/STARTTLS)
- Includes 1x IP-capable Satelco temperature sensor 
   (optional up to 100 meters)

The Satelco Monitoring System 100 III offers cross-industry application possibilities:
- Monitoring of IT infrastructures (e.g. server room)
- Monitoring of technical rooms in branch offices
- Monitoring of energy supply systems
- Monitoring of ITC systems
- 24/7 monitoring of air conditioning systems / air conditioners
- Monitoring of USV and mains backup systems
- Monitoring of technology, control and server cabinets
- Monitoring of the development and production areas
- Temperature monitoring of cold storage rooms / cold stores
- IP connection of security, house and building technology
- Monitoring of warehouse, depot, archive and much more...

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