Didactum intelligente PDU with 8 ports

IP based power and voltage monitoring


Intelligent power distribution unit

With the Power Distribution Units (PDUs) by Didactum you can supply the devices and systems in the technical facilities, network and server cabinet with power. The devices connected to the Didactum PDU can be easily switched on and off. 

This PDU by Didactum offers the user 8 ports for connection of AC consumers. You can switch on and off the connected consumers in LAN or WAN. You can manage the intelligent PDU comfortably via the web interface. You can define individual limit and alarm types for the IP based power and voltage monitoring.Be informed on time on critical events by this distribution board by SNMP, e-mail or SMS* (*GSM modem required!)!

Typical applications for this intelligent power distribution unit by Didactum:

  • Measurement and monitoring of power/voltage supply in server cabinets
  • Remote power management (switching on and off consumers) via network/web
  • Power Management in technical facilities/server rooms and data centers

The intelligent PDU with 8 ports offers other interesting applications. The network based distribution board has two CAN ports. Connect CAN sensors, combined CAN sensor units or extension units for analogue sensors to the intelligent power distribution unit. Monitor important environmental factors such as e.g. temperature, humidity, smoke or water. With the optional GSM modem you can also be alerted by SMS directly from the server room or data center.