Didactum Extension units

Didactum Extension unit for analogue sensors

The tried and proved IT monitoring systems by Didactum offer 8 Auto-Sense connections for analogue sensors. According to the classical modular principle you can connect your required Didactum sensors here. Just select the sensors use need for the protection and monitoring of your sensitive infrastructures.
Customers who need a larger number of sensors can significantly increase the total number of the analogue Didactum sensors by mounting the Didactum extension unit.

Up to 8 analogue sensors can be mounted by plug-and-play to each Didactum sensor extension unit. Depending on the type of sensor, you can place the analogue Didactum at distances of 50 to 150 m from the extension unit.

Didactum Dry contact extension unit

This CAN bus (Control Area Network) extension unit was especially developed for the Didactum high-end monitoring systems.
Along the general trend „Convergence of home and building automation into IT“, you can monitor up to 64 potential-free/dry contacts around-the-clock via network or internet. Fault alarms can be sent from the Didactum monitoring system directly to the technician in charge or the control room.

This extension unit for dry contacts offers the user 32 inputs for IP connection of potential-free/digital contacts. Customers who need a larger number of fault alarm group contacts can equip the Didactum extension unit for dry contacts with an additional board, thus increasing the total number of potential-free/digital input contacts to 64 ports.