Didactum Accessories

Didactum rack mount kit

Optional 19" rack-mounting kit for Didactum Monitoring System 100 cabinet assembly (contro cabinet, wall cupboard, network and server cabinets). 

Didactum 19" wall distribution cabinet

In this wall cabinet you can mount the Didactum infrastructure monitoring systems to protect them from unauthorised access. 

  • Suitable for all 19" Didactum measurement and monitoring Systems
  • 6 rack units (RU) with 400 mm mounting depth
  • 2x 19" mounting rails (front side), adjustable in depth
  • 19" supporting bracket of 1.5 mm steel sheet
  • Side and back wall made of 0.8 mm steel sheet
  • Safety glass door 4 mm thick, incl. lock
  • Removable side and back walls with quick release for easy installation
  • 1x brush strip with cable entry
  • 1x dummy plate (exchangeable with brush strip)
  • IP20 rating according to EN 60529 / IEC 529
  • Colour of sheet metal casing: RAL 7035 (light grey)

Didactum Li-Ion battery

This lithium-ion battery is used for backup battery supply of the Didactum Monitoring Systems 500, 500-DC and 600. The battery is connected to the 12 V emergency power supply of the Didactum monitoring system. In case of a power failure or inadequate capacity of the UPS unit, it can be ensured that the Didactum monitoring system is supplied with battery voltage. Battery life: up to approx. 4.5 h.

Didactum Backup battery holder

Holder for Didactum Monitoring Systems 500, 500-DC and 600. The metal holder is simply inserted in the holding notches of the Didactum monitoring system. No bolts are required.