2N Access Unit

Card reader, door Controller and IP converter in a single device!

The 2N Access Unit is a reliable access system using IP technology. With an eye-catching representative design, it is also sure to please with its simplicity, as it only consists of an autonomous IP RFID card reader, which also supports NFC technology, embedded with a controller in a single compact device. The 2N® Access Unit is the ideal solution for securing your premises (offices, hotel rooms, school laboratories, storerooms, garages) that need to be protected from unauthorised access. Thanks to this reliable access system, combining the function of a RFID card reader, NFC reader and controller, you decide which of your employees will have access to a given space or zone.

2N Access Unit is powered via PoE and it directly controls the door lock that can be connected via a security relay to increase the security. If necessary, you can easily connect other devices to it, such as a departure button, open door detector or input from the security centre. Naturally, a camera system can also be connected to 2N IP intercoms. In this way, the customer gets a comprehensive security solution.

PoE (Power over Ethernet) or external 12 V power supply£
- A simple IP device - juste a reader without relevant software
- Ability to open doors using a smartphone supporting NFC and HCE (upgrade with NFC Licence needed!)
- Simple installation without the need for expert knowledge
- Variable mounting options (flush mounting or wall mounting)
- Simple and comfortable operation for regular personnel
- High level of security
- Option to easily connect other equipment, such as a camera system

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