Sallegra Touch Panel with continuous glass panel

Technology and design at the highest level

The Sallegra® Multitouch Panel with continuous glass surface is the elegant all-rounder for building automation. Whether control of lighting, shading, air conditioning, heating, media, etc., with the Sallegra® Multitouch you bring all building systems together.

It is characterised by an easy installation, fully dynamic visualisation and intuitive operation. The built-in ambient sensor provides automatic regulation of the display lighting. No programming is required. Equipped with a few network parameters, the Sallegra® Multitouch Panel communicates with the Sallegra® building automation controller and independently establishes the corresponding visualisation. Therefore no maintenance is required. This is currently the only system where you can set all device parameters yourselves and also define scenarios without any software... simply through visualisation.

The Sallegra® Multitouch can be perfectly integrated in the wall. It can be mounted either with a flush-mounting housing or a recessed housing (optional). The recessed housing allows flush mounting, so that the existing room atmosphere is not affected. Thanks to the low installation depth the Sallegra® Multitouch Panel can also be integrated in confined spaces.

Projective capacitive Multitouch with continuous glass panel
- Available from 7" to 22" in format 16:9
- Fully dynamic visualisation and intuitive operation
- Interfaces Ethernet / RS 485 / KNX (optional)
- Integrated VOIP intercom client
- Built-in ambient sensor for automatic adjustment of the display lighting
- Easy installation (Plug & Play)
- No programming required
- Built-in VOIP intercom client

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