Satelco VoIP Gatekeeping Station

The VoIP gatekeeping station from Satelco provides you with a modern, hands-free, fully duplex system which ensures clear and uninterrupted communication between the "inside" and the "outside". The complete audio communication is via SIP over the network.

The gatekeeping station is connected via the net-work cable. It is equipped with a gooseneck micro-phone, integrated loudspeaker and a numeric key-pad. The four unlabelled speed dial buttons can be freely allocated.

The gatekeeping station can be used for many different applications, e.g. for gates, night counters, car parks, etc. The VoIP gatekeeping station allows you to receive, make and also transfer calls as well as operate gates and barrier systems. 

 Areas of application:
Gatekeeping systems
- Authorities / government agencies
- Night counters
- Banks
- Barrier systems / car parks

Key features:
Supply via PoE (Power over Ethernet) or optional external
   power supply unit 12V DC/2 A
- VoIP communication via SIP 2.0
- Easy installation and setting via a web interface
- Using the LAN / WAN network for management, communication
   and control via a web browser

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